Apple WWDR Interactive Design Intern | Summer 2021
Apple Inc.
Design challeng and solution: Create an new way of packaging coffee beans. Instead of doing the typical coffee bags that are seen currently in the market, I aimed to design a coffee container that could be opened easily and be reused. It is broken down into three bean strength that are translated into the spiral intensity design. The goal of the packaging was to  protect the beans from moisture so it won't get damaged, through visuals provide context to the type of bean, and promotes the history of coffee.

Behind the brand name: The name, Caffeinated goat, originated once learning about the history of coffee. The legend of coffee started in Ethiopia when goats found berries and started "dancing" from the caffeine. Hence, caffeinated goat!

Coffee dispenser: An individual can also refill their caffeinated goat container through dispensers. There will be three dispensers, each correlated with the bean's strength color and the corresponding spiral. They will know where to place their container in order to refill their beans. Also, they will have the option to pick between ground or whole beans. This promotes sustainability within the coffee industry.
Junior Graphic Designer | June 2022 - November 2022
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Software: Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, and After Effect
Deliverable: Poster, video animation, 3D model

Project: Infographic design expanded into a 3D form that reflect a timeline of loss of glaciers vs change in climate. It shows that because of global change and temperature increase, glaciers are melting which will ultimately cause sea-levels to rise. The main data is shaped like a glacier and is contrasted by a temperature graph that shows what will happen in the future. Supplementary graphs allow the user to understand specific written information in a graphical form.

Design challenge: I first needed to gather data regarding the rate that glaciers are melting and seeing if there are other correlations. I found that as glaciers are melting, climate change is getting worse and temperatures are increasing. This anchored the design of the graphs where they would be reflecting one another: as one is decreasing, the other in increasing. Supplementary graphs visualize the written information.

Graph design: The main graph is intended to have the shape of a glacier. It includes data and trends of melting glacier as well as has a strong design correlation to the topic.

Led the UI design for the WWDR Developer website from conception to launch, conducting user research and delivering an outcome that is valuable to users. Was able to transfer the brand’s strength into the interface of multiple web pages and create an optimal user experience.