The Vision
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Design challeng and solution: Create an new way of packaging coffee beans. Instead of doing the typical coffee bags that are seen currently in the market, I aimed to design a coffee container that could be opened easily and be reused. It is broken down into three bean strength that are translated into the spiral intensity design. The goal of the packaging was to  protect the beans from moisture so it won't get damaged, through visuals provide context to the type of bean, and promotes the history of coffee.

Behind the brand name: The name, Caffeinated goat, originated once learning about the history of coffee. The legend of coffee started in Ethiopia when goats found berries and started "dancing" from the caffeine. Hence, caffeinated goat!

Coffee dispenser: An individual can also refill their caffeinated goat container through dispensers. There will be three dispensers, each correlated with the bean's strength color and the corresponding spiral. They will know where to place their container in order to refill their beans. Also, they will have the option to pick between ground or whole beans. This promotes sustainability within the coffee industry.
Process    -
Software: Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, and After Effects

The project: Democracy – Democracy for Women. To choose a topic within democracy that impacts you and you want to influence. This project aims to bring awareness to the lack of freedom women have globally in three aspects: in business, in politics, and in our everyday life. Shows the inequality between genders along side the progress. This led me to see that democracy between men and women is something that society needs to change and can achieve. View gender democracy from one lens.

The Vision: In our everyday life "vision" helps us see. However, in democracy it seems like one side is not seeing the other. To have perfect vision aka democracy, both sides should work together and see the world as one. Rather than taking a negative approach on this project, just showing the negatives (there are a ton), I wanted to address it optimistically (even though that might be naive). The lens aims to look at democracy from the same perspective. As of today, there is inequality between the genders but the lens sees the potential for equality.

Animation: It explains the current situation for women and what should happen to help the situation – living in one world through one vision.